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Do you want to save money shopping online?

Couponuts automatically finds coupons while you
do shopping.

Now you no longer need to search for coupon codes on various websites. Add Couponuts today and use our one-click solution
to save money now!

Add couponuts to start saving money!

Add couponuts to start saving money! Couponuts has 3 000+ stores around the globe including Wish, Farfetch, eBay, SHEIN, Aliexpress, Agoda, Booking and more ...

How to add

Install extension and shop as usual.

Couponuts will notify you if there are any coupons that could save you money.

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At the shop page Couponuts extension pops up if it finds coupons.

Sit back and watch how Couponuts will search coupons for you.

Click "Show coupons" and enjoy discounts!

That’s it! Enjoy your saved money.

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We don’t ask to register or login.

This free Chrome add-on supports thousands of stores Worldwide.

With Couponuts, the best automatic coupon finder, you can constantly find the best promo codes online and apply the best code to your purchase at checkout.